Love Yourself. Love Your food.

Welcome to LoveKarmaFood.

My mission statement and my philosophy is this: I want to bring inner peace and harmony through food. I want everyone to find their passion in eating again and, I want to empower women. Out the window goes those numbers that we hate: our weight, our dress size, our pants size, these numbers do not define us. As you travel along with me on my own journey, I want to show you that self love begins by appreciating and respecting who we are on the inside and what we have to offer the world. Every woman out there is extraordinary. Every woman out there has something to offer. Some radiance, some joy, some love. All any woman has to do is look in the mirror

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This is an imagining. A place where there can be harmony and love in the kitchen. A place where the word diet does not exist and what we strive for is being healthy and bringing back passion for food. It is also an experiment.

The experiment being optimum and healthy weight loss through an exercise of educated food choices and preparation, as I am currently not able to exercise vigorously as I deal with chronic pain; degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia and sacroiliac joint dysfunction, to name a few. I also grapple with digestive issues that make some conventional “diets” impractical for me to try. So since I have already given medicine a try, I want to conduct my own experiment,to see if I can heal myself.

I am not a doctor of course, but I know quite a bit about holistic health, writing about it and making conscious efforts to try natural remedies before reaching for pills, and I will certainly seek the advise of professionals along the way and document what I find, what works, what doesn’t and report back to you what I find. I am giving myself a time frame of one year to lose 25lbs and one year to to see if dietary changes can help my Fibromyalgia and my IBS symptoms so that perhaps some of what ails me might be more manageable. I am never going to get back to what was normal. I have accepted that my life has changed, but I am not giving up on myself. I figure every little positive change can help. So I hope you will join me and my progress, and I hope to share with you some of my personal knowledge and other things I am sure to learn along the way.

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