Food Karma

What is food karma? The idea behind food karma is a fairly easy and straight forward one: Get what you give and reap what you sow. We’ve all heard of those sayings before, and though they do not necessarily encompass the true meaning behind karma, for the purpose of this blog it does. What you put into your body is going to be exactly what you get from it. If you are not feeding your body those things which it needs to survive and perform well, you are going to reap those consequences associated with poor eating habits. I’ve heard before, more than once, the idea that your body is your temple and that was part of the inspiration for this blog. My other inspiration: four daughters, whom though already adults and two on the cusp of adulthood, still have a lot to learn in regards to food and making the best choices. I don’t want them feeling guilty for special treats. An ice cream sundae, a piece of cake for a birthday, because I also feel like life is short enough that we don’t need those kinds of sacrifices. Food Karma is a way to remind yourself that you get what you give but sometimes, giving yourself a chocolate chip cookie is okay and won’t throw the entire universe out of balance. Why? Because sometimes a chocolate chip cookie, is exactly what your soul needs. Just try to balance it out with something healthy later and don’t be gluttonous, or it really is not a treat anymore, but something you feel you deserve.

All Aboard the Karma Food Truck You heard me! My truck is neon green with purple daisies on it and a little Jack Skellington head hanging from the rear view mirror. Y’all can hitch a ride and join me on this epic adventure toward better health, better food choices and a better frame of mind.

I’m certainly not a food guru. All I can offer is what I am offering myself: honesty. I am going to put in 110% effort as I try new ideas based on what I have read and what I already know as a holistic practitioner. I will also promise to ask questions, reiterating that I do not know everything and part of this blog’s purpose is to learn, and experiment and see what works and what doesn’t for me.

This is the Health Advisory Warning Please remember that it’s always advised to discuss changes in your regimen with your doctor or other health care provider, as he or she will be in the best position to address your personal needs and special concerns – however,if you are interested in learning something new, join me on this journey and I promise you are going to learn more than just a great smoothy recipe, and you might discover something new about Yourself!

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