The Experiment

What I have in mind is equal parts Experiment and Challenge. The experiment portion will encompass treating my Fibromyalgia and my IBS-D through diet and herbs. There are a couple of theories out there that suggest Fibromyalgia and IBS-D are somehow connected. A couple of studies have indicated that an overwhelming number of those with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia also suffer with IBS or IBS-D. According to WebMD: Only a small amount of people in the U.S. have fibromyalgia. But for people with IBS it’s much more common. Over half of IBS patients also have symptoms of fibromyalgia.
“In general, it is likely that they coexist for years, but they can flare at the same time or at different times,” says Lin Chang, MD, co-director of the Oppenheimer Center for Neurobiology of Stress.

The idea is that with both conditions you have more activity in the part of the brain that produces pain and that your sense of pain is enhanced. It is still not well understood, but it is thought that perhaps there is some kind of hyperactivity in those parts of the brain that produce pain. Also, it is likely that the nervous system, genetics, stress and post-traumatic stress disorder might have a part in this disorder.

As far as IBS-D goes, most people are able to find relief through a combination of diet and medication and ways to relieve stress. Unfortunately for me, I take opioids on a regular basis and those meds they prescribe to help with symptoms can inhibit the opioids from getting into my system which would not be a good scenario for my chronic pain. Because of this, I am looking at alternative treatments, such as using probiotics, a “healthy” bacteria found in the gut which can help some with IBS. Also, I am going to test different foods touted for their digestive aid and also IBS relieving properties and see which ones work and which ones don’t, for me. IBS-D is a complicated condition and it takes each individual person to figure out what is right for them but if you are reading, and want to try it out, you may find it helps. If not, don’t give up. In the words of Mulder. “The truth is out there.

The Challenge part is this: Lose 25 lbs in the course of a year, through dietary changes only. I am not able to do any rigorous activity, but will continue with yoga and challenge myself in that arena as much as I physically can. So please, take this little journey with me and let’s see where we are after a year. The date my challenge will begin is July 10th, 2017, because we are going on vacation in early July and I hate beginning something and then having to make allowances for cheating straightaway. As I mentioned, food karma is as much putting good things in your body as doing nice things for yourself, which means small indulgences now and again. But because I don’t want to make it a week of making allowances for indulgences we start in July and for the first part of this blog I am going to focus on the Experiment.

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