The Inbetween

So my intrepid warriors, it’s clear I have diverted a little bit from the path, but I promise you I am getting back to it. Those who may not have read the beginning pages, or the first fewblig posts may not know, but part of my mission statement and hence my blog site name, includes food and using food to heal. This is still very important to me! I’ve been diverted from plans, however, because the beginning conceptions I had for alternative diet were pushed to the sidelines because of my doctors advice. I am in the stages of research at the moment. Trying to best discover what might work best for me and my family. The nature of fibromyalgia and the exhaustion it presents makes me leery of going too radical because I’m in no shape to make two different meals and I am never guaranteed to have help making dinner so.. I have to think some more, try out a few different ideas and then I will blog about the experience. I’m giving myself a deadline of October. I hope you can have a bit more patience with me and in the meantime I will still be blogging about chronic pain and chronic illness! 

Much thanks!

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