I Tried 10 Hacks for Chronic Pain

Let me tell you about my favorite and those that didn’t work so well (for me)


1.)   Round Health: App for Medicine tracking on phone: This app is the best thing ever if you forget to take your meds. I have serious issues taking meds. My pain meds, not so much, but everything else my spoonie brain goes into effect and I can’t remember. You can program your meds, your dosages and the time you want to take them as well as up to a 2hr breadth of time where it alerts you that you have to take your meds. So, if you take meds at 9am. Between 8am and 10am you will get an alert to let you know.


2.)   Spoonie Nest: Water, meds, phone and charger, Kindle or Nook or Tablet, purse with hard candies and pencil bag with pens and pencils, notebooks you might need, lap top and charger: My nest and writing hub is my bed. I will typically have everything I need from lap top to pencil case all with an arm’s reach radius (barring that I don’t forget ha ha), but even so, it’s only a few steps away. I try to make life easy for me. I’d also advise, if you can and need to, having a cooler with drinks and lunch that you can pack up the night before with/or without help, and then you really have everything you need. More spoons!


3.)   Essential oil and diffuser: Cigar boxes are my friend and no, I don’t smoke cigars. But essential oils fit in there perfectly. I keep them in my room, along with the diffuser, and all my favorite scents that make me feel better. I have one that is 800ml and I can keep it going most of the morning and I like putting in a blend called Calm. It makes me happy.


4.)   Sticky notes for notes around the house/ Using One Note on Surface: I use the One Note like it’s going out of style. I love the heck out of it. Sticky notes for the house, I am still getting accustom to. I think I need bigger ones. I made the mistake of getting smaller ones that fit like 5 words. Like writing an abbreviated Twitter. Sometimes I am wordy. So definitely yes on the One Note and we will have to see about slightly larger Sticky Notes.



5.)   Slow Cooker: So, pros and cons here and maybe you won’t agree. Pros are the convenience and clean-up. Cons are that sometimes I will forget what I am doing and look at the time and it’s like 2pm and I can’t throw something in the crock pot and expect it to cook in there in 4hrs. Well, some recipes I could, but it’s almost never the ones that I plan for.

6.)   Bullet Diary: I am going to have to revisit this one. I love the idea behind the Bullet Journal but, the way I am, very creative, it takes time away from other projects I have and I am still a little unclear on the purpose. Because if the purpose is to make me more efficient, I am failing miserably. I have thought of only a bullet journal for menus for the week. Right now I use a regular note book, but I like the idea of keeping track of food I eat with it too, to help narrow down some issues with IBS.


7.)   Basket with non-perishable foods for those days when you can’t get out of bed. Keep it in your closet or under your bed, just keep it close: I can’t do this because I have pets that like to eat and I could see all my granola bars gone and a very sick dog in my future. But, just because I haven’t tested it out I thought it was worth writing about. I can see keeping a stash of non-perishables under the bed in a beer box. Most liquor stores keep them or try to recycle them. You can probably go to one and get a couple. If you have room in your closet, which I don’t, you can store them there safely away from pets.


8.)   Wet wipes and dry shampoo: No shame for No showering. Wet wipes are something the military uses when they are out remote in the desert and other places. You clean the essentials and leave it at that. Pits and Pubes is there motto! It may feel gross, but as someone who was on bed rest for 3 months, let me tell you, these saved my life. The dry shampoo is ok. I’ve tried it twice. I think my OCD is twitched a little by this, because I associate clean hair with water and shampoo, but you can get away with a few cleanings without it and I go 3 days in between washes. So might as well use it in between to not feel dirty or look greasy, if you have issues with that.



9.)   Letting your hair dry au natural. Don’t freak about curls: This one is hard for me. My hair is between really curly and straight. So, it’s wavy and curly in some places and if I dry it, I can get it straight without a straightening iron. But it takes so so so long. I hate it. So, I have been letting it dry on its own, to the point I have to dry it and then I dry without using a brush and just use fingers. It doesn’t look as pretty, but on those days, I am exhausted, my body thanks me. Most days though, I can’t do the curly/wavy thing. I literally look my Medusa. But It may work for you.


10.)                   Bed Yoga: Yes, there is a thing. Yoga in bed can be something to help wake up in the morning and function. It can also be utilized to get to sleep at night. I think for reducing anxiety it is wonderful and if you are a blogger or otherwise work from home, doing these little exercises in between assignments is wonderful. It revs you up for the next blog post of research you have to do.




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