Welcome to Chronic Diva

Thank you for visiting my blog. This has been an incredible journey so far. I’m so very grateful for this blog, the voice it has given me and the purpose it has given me. Above all, I’m grateful to be able to reach out across this vast space we call the internet and touch others going through similar struggles.

This blog has definitely become more that what it originally started out as. While it is still a chronicle of my journey through chronic illness, mental health and women’s issues, it has become far more about us. The us, being all of us who struggle with these issues daily, how we navigate the world and how the world responds to us.

I never thought of myself as an advocate. That word was reserved for more important people who I felt could make or had the power to make a real difference. But the truth is, we can all be an advocate. We can all use our platform and our voice to get out a message and I believe that the more of us who share our stories, who tell the stories of others, the better chance we will be heard and will make a difference.

Every day, I am inspired by another writer I read who shares their story and touches the lives of others going through similar things. I’m touched by the messages I receive from readers who understand, who are going through the same thing and who feel less alone after reading my post. The truth is, I feel less alone knowing you understand. I may not know you, we may never meet, and yet, we are linked by the shared circumstance. I wish there were less of us who shared this, but I am comforted by it too.

I want to use this blog, as well as all my social media platforms to inform and educate those that are misinformed about chronic pain and chronic illness, while elevating those who struggle with pain and illness- and while reminding them that they are not alone. I want you to know we are all in this together. That you Matter and that you are Enough.

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